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To be a competent business professional with globally-recognized accreditation, it is essential to think of expanding your professional competency. Taking courses related to your area of interest is always a great opportunity to kick-start such a dream. Luckily, there are several top certificate programs in international business that one can choose from. Here is an overview of some of the notable certification programs.

Certificate in Business for International Learners

This is more of a foundational course for an individual seeking to pursue an advanced certificate in international business. It is designed for immediate undergraduate students in business who have an interest in pursuing further education in IB. Topics include, among other areas, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, economics, and law. The course content is designed to give one a multicultural dimension of skills to apply in a global business setting.

Certificate in International Business

This online certification is offered as a continuation to a bachelor’s degree and is tailored for professionals looking to boost their understanding of related business principles as regards to international business practices. Relevant courses covered by this program include international business law, multicultural aspects of international business, and global business marketing.

Certified International Business Specialist (CIBS)

Offered through the Business Training Institute, this online program uses multimedia and a variety of IB professionals to explore how cultural differences impact global business. In addition, the courses offer ideas for mitigating financial risks and overcoming global challenges. Due to the heavy focus on understanding culture, an important component of conducting international business, this certificate is ideal for the busy professional trying to make their mark on global economies.

M.S. in Global Commerce

This is perhaps the highest level of certification for international business professionals. One such program, offered by the University of Virginia, takes one year to complete and is designed to give graduates a globalized mindset when it comes to business. Learners gain crucial skills and knowledge, including a multicultural competence, decision-making when it comes to global business operations, strategic leadership, and strategic analysis of the specifics of different global markets. The course is designed to expand a learner’s knowledge and equips one with the right mindset and approach to international business.